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      I received my Mooshimeter last week, and am extremely pleased with it. The app (android, 19 Feb) still has some rough edges, but I’m sure they will be ironed out soon.

      In use it’s very nice, even when wireless isn’t especially needed. I have replaced the probes with much shorter leads, which makes it easier to handle on a crowded bench. Being able to leave it connected in the middle of a heap of stuff without worrying about being able to see the screen is a big advantage. And the range is excellent, connecting reliably from my basement to my phone upstairs.

      My only problem is going to be persuading work to buy some. We often work in hazardous or difficult environments, for which the Mooshimeter is ideal. But our purchasing service is backwards to say the least, and unable to deal with orders via the web. I shall do my best to drag them into the 21st century.

      Meanwhile, many thanks to Mooshim Engineering.

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      :-D Thank you! If your company wants to buy a few meters through an older Quote-and-PO process, feel free to email

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