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      Pat Elliott

      Please would you tell me what settings required to replicate the measurements shown in the heart rate monitor video. I realize a mooshimeter is not an electronic cardiograph however this is a neat way to impress your friends.


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      Hi Pat,

      I was using the auxiliary voltage channel set to 100mV range, 125Hz, sample rate, I think a buffer depth of 4.

      However I did some things manually that you don’t have access to in the app yet – you’ll notice that if you try to use those settings in graph mode, it will be quite hard to keep the graph zoomed in because the voltage will drift and the graph will scale to accommodate it. For that demo video I modified the source code of the app to keep the graph zoomed in, and added a derivative filter to make the differences between subsequent readings more clear. Both of these are on the “to do” list for the apps, so stay tuned to the updates. First on the priority list is providing support for the users who are hitting compatibility issues.

      Thanks, let me know if you have more questions!

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      Good to hear about the enhancements to the graphing!

      It was driving me crazy that it was “zoomed in”. I am very much a “graph should start with zero” type of guy with the option to zoom in if needed and “slide” that window up and down.

      (I have the AudioTools app from Studio Six Digital that handles graphing seamlessly)

      Would be nice to have a “road map” of what is coming up so we dont keep bugign you about stuff “in the pipe”?


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      The road map idea is really good. I’ll put this somewhere more public but my priorities right now:
      – Fix iPad graphing issue
      – Get firmware update working from Android
      – Add link to help resources in Android
      – Implement SD card logging on firmware side
      – Complete the logging interface in the apps

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      Thanks Neo. Happy blogging and keep coming.
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