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      Marek Ištvánek

      Do You have nay suggestions about safe measurements of up to 100 kV voltage with the Mooshimeter?

      What kind of divider do I need or anything else?

      Thank You

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      100kV is serious business. Definitely don’t hook 100kV directly to your Mooshimeter. I know you know this but I just want to be clear for anybody who finds this thread in the future.

      Any appropriately rated divider probe that brings 100kV down to less than 600V would work. 1000:1 divider probes are pretty standard. Like this kind.

      Most divider probes rely on the meter having a specific input impedance. When measuring in the 600V range, the voltage input of the Mooshimeter has a 10MΩ +-1% input impedance. When measuring in the 60V range, the input impedance is 10.1MΩ +-1%.

      Hope this helps – stay safe!

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      Thank You James,
      I understand the divider concept.
      Can You recommend good indirect ways of hooking 100kV with less then 10W of power to Mooshimeter?
      The probe You suggest is for DC. We need to measure pulsed voltage up to few kHz.
      We can use also an oscilloscope.
      I just ask for best practices and safety.


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      Hi Marek,

      I would love to help but I feel unqualified to offer specific advice about working at voltages over 10kV as I’ve never done so and I would worry about giving bad advice because it’s very easy to make a mistake at those voltages!

      EEVblog interviewed a guy on this subject – it was excellent. Let me see if I can find it…

      Yes, here it is

      He’s building a 1000:1 divider, you’d probably need 10000:1, but the same principles apply. Hope it helps a little.

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