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      Robert Allam

      First off great little unit. I have 2…. We will be using them to remotely monitor and data log a voltage. Then when they are done at the remote site they will be shipped back. I clearly see how to get the unit out of shipping mode. How do I get it back into shipping mode? or just remove the batteries for shipping back? Thank you for your time!!!

      Robert Allam

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      You can put them back to shipping mode via the app (there is an option in the configuration menu).

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      Perfect and thank you for the fast reply!!!!

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      mooshimeter refuses to go to Shipping Mode, I ‘set’ Shipping mode ‘Yes’ but nothing happens in the app, the mooshimeter led does some long flashes then continious 1 fast flash followed by 3 more. ?
      if only this thing had an on/off switch. plse help.
      [App rev 1.0.38 (2214) Lenovo TB-X103F, Android 6.0.1]

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      I cannot get it into shipping mode either…
      Dialog Enter shipping mode Yes?
      3 long flashes and nothing changes.
      Explains why it was delivered with dead batteries…

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      I just tried with android-app and meter itself seems to do what i expected, but app still shows frozen rssi and name/fw in device selection list.

      Seems odd to see my both mooshimeters on the list and same time it says “Found 1 Mooshimeter”.

      When i set another mooshimeter to shipping mode, i realized that app tells that it still founds 1 device, until I toggled that connecting plug-symbol off.

      Now I have both mooshimeters on the list and “No devices found”. If people really use shipping mode in their daily lives, would it be better to gray out those missing ones, if not fully removing them from sight?

      And does it really make any difference if radios are on when shipping these? Maybe it has been a different case when James started delivering these and there has been hundreds at a time in one place. Or when these go to other suppliers and could be stored for years. I do use my mooshimeters, and batteries last for a year, if i don’t forget that i had some logging project going on.. So no any special gains there.

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