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    Judging from the response to two of my other forum threads with suggestions for the app and looking at the activity of github page:
    it seems there is not that much activity for the app.

    Duane, suggested to use intend broadcasts, in combination with another app, and profiles and … lots of android stuff.

    I do not agree with this approach:
    1. First of all it is clear from the overall product design / advertisement that the app is part of the product. Hence if there is missing basic functionality (this is ofc discussable) in the app, mooshim eng. is obliged to do sth. about it.

    2. The suggested approach provides poor usability, while requiring lots of effort from the user.

    Obviously it doesn’t help to insist on improving the app, when there is not enough manpower.

    Therefore I suggest to leverage the power of open source (anyone can view & edit the source code) and crowdfounding, i.e.
    Setting up bounties for individual features

    That means, we (mooshi-users) AND Mooshim Eng. would setup together bounties for individual features, which would then implemented in the main repository in a timely manner.


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    I totally agree with you Richard.

    Especially the aspect of an open source application – I think it would be an benefit for mooshim and their customers. But I’m no software developer, so I may have no clue… :)

    And because my coding skills a very basic and poor, I only could provide wishes and thoughts (and later testing) for functionality, but therefore it needs first this “base”.

    Yeah just wanted to mention this, after nobody replied till yet…

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    I really appreciate you bringing this up. Behind the scenes Mooshim Engineering is just me, development slowed down a lot this year because I took on two engineering contracts for other devices that have taken most of the time I would have used to push the meter forward.

    The only decent looking platform I’ve seen is . Do you have another in mind? It would be cool if it could be tied to github issues.

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    Far more important is a V2 of the hardware, with more memory so that there is room to add features and fix bugs, IMHO.

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    @richard: There is a post from James somewhere here explaining that there is essentially no memory left, and any change at all is a huge task for him, because often, he has to make changes in areas of code that are unrelated to the actual change being made, simply to fit the code in. @james: can you provide a link to this post?

    Regarding being “specific” – I’m talking in general – sorry about that.

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    I would love to build and edit the source code, but I don’t know how to make/compile apk files. I know mostly PC languages (c, c++, Python, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, etc), not Android or IOS ones.
    I will try to learn how to code for Android.
    There is still hope for 3rd channel graphing!

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