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      I’m pleased with your little device but i do have some suggestions.

      Heres what i have for reference:
      Mooshimeter Fw Build 1447458797
      Iphone 6s Plus IOS 9.2.1

      1. Zeroing (Delta) the resistance measuring
      I need measure frequently long wires with low resistance, they have around 0-3 Ohms.

      2. the graph needs a fixed range ASAP ;)
      the autoranging of the graph makes it difficult to estimate the value on a greater distance to the phone. If I’d be able to set a fixed range manually it’ll be much more useful for me.

      3. a continuity check with alarm would be nice.
      And alarms for other measurements might be useful as well.
      e.g. max 4A or it starts beeping.

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      Hi Michel,

      Thank you Michel,

      You’re right on all counts, these are all features that are in the works. I know I’ve been saying that for a while now, but we are making progress. If you’re interested in the software you can see the progress on the dev branch of the Android app here:

      Once the issues are hammered out in Android they’ll be ported to iOS.

      Thank you!

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