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    Hi, my original-crowdfunded Mooshimeter had some duracells leak in it, all over the board and SD card slot.

    (As an aside – I’ve heard it said that good zinc-carbon batteries are more suitable for low-draw digital electronics than alkalines – they don’t leak corrosive fluids, lifetime isn’t really an issue, alkalines are intended for high-draw devices).

    I managed to clean out most of the stuff with vinegar, then clean water, then dried out carefully. The meter seems to work, talks to the phone, logs to the SD, but the voltage and current readings are way off. Usually just Overrange, but sometimes just far wrong. On close inspection there’s some blue battery gunk under some resistors near the A/D which must be a bad thing for those voltage dividers.

    I miss it already – there’s no substitute for the moosh!

    James – is there a way to repair it? Could I remove and replace the parts carefully? Is it possible to re-calibrate the meter against a Fluke, if it needs it?

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    It might be better chasing duracell for warranty. they cover all their batteries and any products that their faulty batteries damage. i dont think the meter is supported anymore

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    Thomas A

    If anyone in South Africa or in greater Vancouver BC has an unwanted mooshimeter they’d like to sell, please let me know!

    Mail me at

    Thanks, Thomas

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