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      Peter Jeremy

      My initial impressions on my new Mooshimeter (FW 1421369173) with the iOS app on an iPad:

      • Graph mode doesn’t work (I see this is a known issue).
      • I didn’t make a note of the initial firmware but I tried manually hibernating it and when I woke it up, it did a firmware update (though it didn’t when I initially paired it).
      • Channels A & B differ by ~0x000017 on temperature and resistance – this seems quite good.
      • Sometimes it produces screwy scales/readings (eg temperature reporting “OVERLOAD mC”). I’ve also seen 7.9Ω with leads shorted but that is a known issue.
      • The zero function is non-intuitive and I can’t get (eg) DC current to read 0 (it fluctuates around 0.0005A). I think a better explanation of how to drive it is needed.
      • There’s about a -0.8nA current source (-8mV with 9.5MΩ load) into the Ω terminal in Aux VDC mode (it seems to stabilise at ~-0.84V), and V terminal in 1.2V mode (which stabilises at -1.1V). This resulted in some initially disconcerting readings.
      • The specs imply it can measure frequency but I can’t find any way to do so.

      The shortcomings I’ve noted so far:

      • Two red leads almost guarantee an unfortunate accident at some stage. It’s a pity one wasn’t (eg) blue so all three leads were different colours.
      • No low current range (the useful resolution is ~1mA)
      • No low-voltage resistance range (ie a applying a voltage below the PN barrier voltage)
      • The A and V terminals can only be routed to channels 1 and 2 respectively. Whilst this probably isn’t an issue for normal use, I find that I’m doing a lot of juggling to work around this during my initial testing/experimenting.

      Despite all that, it seems quite a nice and tool.

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      Received mooshimeter in Aus today. Only enough time to unbox and turn on. Got a connection with an iPhone4s did a couple of resistance measurements – OK. I followed up with an Xperia Z2 and did the same resistance measurements – all OK.

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