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      Robert Payne

      Received 3 Mooshimeters 2/10/15.
      I hook them all up and identified each as “Marked A”, “B”, & “C” which I entered in the field opened by hitting the “gear” button at the top right of the Meter display, showing Sig-61dB Bar:100% at the top to the left of the gear.
      Question #1: is this the standard way of identifying each of 3+ Mooshimeters hooked up?
      Question #2: While this marking shows up on the display showing each meter available to the iPhone, it does not show up on the meter display it self? How do I know which meter I am measuring?
      Question #3: Turning the display 90 degrees shows volts/amps vs time, but does not work on my iPad2/IOS8 ?
      Question #4: it appears like a single tap in the center of the “Trend” plot pauses the display. a subsequent tap resets the trend pot back to zero. Where is this explained?
      Question # 5: where is logging explained?
      IOS allows printing the image from the screen, but shouldn’t I be able to print the log?
      Question #6: I think I saw the app version as V 0 or V 1. It is not obvious what version I have? There should be a history of version for the hardware and the software app.
      Question #7: I do not see a model # or a serial # for the meters that I have?
      Question #8: Where does it explain that a meter that is being viewed will not be seen on the initial display. Shouldn’t it identify all meters and indicate which is available?
      Question #9: What doew “RSSI: -63 mean?

      It appears I haven’t seen the detailed manual which probably explains all this in detail.
      Can you direct me to the manual? Shouldn’t it be available via a “Help” button on the meter/iphone display?
      Robert Payne Phone 843-363-5489 Cell 843-422-2564

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