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      I’m trying out the Android beta version 1.0.22 (1820) on a 2013 Moto X running Android 5.1. My Mooshimeter seemed to update to firmware build 1462564395 successfully. The meter was operating OK, but not if I installed a 16 GB SanDisk microSD card in it. With the microSD card installed, the meter seemed stuck in bootloader mode (1s on/1s off LED flash pattern).

      I was about to ask for help, but I tried reformatting my microSD card and reinstalling it. Now, the meter seems to be working OK with the card installed. This had me stumped for quite a while—I did not suspect the microSD card at first.

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      Hi John,

      Sorry for slow reply on this. I have not seen that symptom before but will make a note of it. I guess whatever was on that SD card was causing some very bad edge case in the firmware.


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