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      Is there a full instruction manual for the Mooshimeter? The Quick Start guide is a basic start, but there are probably a lot more things that could be covered in more depth. If it were conveniently in one place here on the website, it could help as a ‘Starting Point’ for people.

      If you need any help, I have a bit of a background with technical writing, and a ‘day job’ that often has a lot of waiting time. If you wish, contact me and I might be able to help out.

      I realize that I risk my “Man Card” by even mentioning the words Instruction Manual, but there are just times when you just have to open the book. :-)

      Thanks, just trying to help out.

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      While I’d agree that this sort of data is a basic ask and should be readily findable on the OEM website, an interweb search can offer results.

      Sparkfun have this tech data archived:

      Those links are working right now but if those URLs ever go dead, then is your friend.

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