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    i am working on an app to process current and voltage measurements, but i did not figure out how to recieve the mooshimeter’s implicite intents.

    Is there a documentation how to get the multimeter readings out of these intents?
    kind regards

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    Hi pattrick,
    It has been a while since I looked at this, but the wiki has a link to my little write-up:

    My paper uses Tasker examples, but the first paragraph and the last section provide some description on how it works which may be of some help. Currently, due to a overwrite/race condition most of the readings come from ch1 and only occasionally from ch2. So processing both current and voltage will be a problem.

    I have provided a recommendation to James on how to combine both ch1 and ch2 into a single intent (not split into 2 intents), but I don’t believe it has risen to the top of his priority list. Perhaps your app will spur his interest :)
    —- Duane

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    Hi Duane,
    your paper was very helpful and i figured out how an intent looks like:
    Action: com.mooshim.mooshimeter.CH2
    URI: intent:#Intent;action=com.mooshim.mooshimeter.CH2;launchFlags=0x10;component=com.example.blafoo.myapplication/.MyBroadcastReceiver;S.units=V;f.value=3.6637783E-5;end

    I can now process these intents in the background, but as soon as i switch to my app and the mooshimeter app runs in the background there are no more intents broadcasted.

    Does anyone have an ideo how to solve this problem?

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