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      Greg Fordyce

      Hello from Scotland, I just got my meter today and so far its great!

      I did notice a possible bug when reading the internal temperature.

      Set channel 1 to Amps DC and channel 2 to resistance.
      Short channel 2 leads together for a few seconds so resistance reads zero and then open leads again.
      Now switch channel 1 to INT and you get OVERLOAD.
      Switch channel 2 to INT and channel 2 reads correct temperature.
      Toggle Channel 1 a few times and it will read normally as well for INT.

      Now if you repeat the above procedure but initially set channel 1 to Amps AC you will get a internal temp reading of -271 or 0x000000.
      Also you need to go back to Amps DC before channel 1 can correctly read internal temperature.

      I am using a Nexus 7 (2012) with CM11.0 (Kitkat 4.4.4)

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      Hi Greg,

      Thanks for the step-by-step, it helps break down what’s going on internally. The gist of it is there’s some saved state that is not exposed to the user.

      Both channels (1 and 2) have a programmable amplifier at their input. Presently whatever amplifier setting is loaded when the channel input is switched to the temperature sensor is kept, so if the amplifier setting was too high the meter will say the temperature is “OVERLOAD”.

      Regarding the temp reading of -271 or 0x000000 – I am not sure where that’s coming from. You’re right, these behaviors should be considered bugs, so I added this as an issue on the Android App Github page. Will try to get it sorted soon.

      Thanks again

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      I have been playing with the mooshimeter a bit more.

      With no leads connected to the meter, set both channels to INT.

      Now set one channel to resistance, it will show OVERLOAD. Then switch back to INT and temperature reading will be ~0.6C higher than the other channel.

      Now set one channel to Aux Voltage DC. It may show OVERLOAD, wait till you get readings and then switch back to INT, temperature will read normal.

      Now set one channel to Aux Voltage AC. Readings show 0.0000 or 0x000000, then switch back to INT and readings will be -271.5C or 0x000000.

      Also when in Aux Voltage DC the readings seem to float, short the leads together and then opening them again. Now when you switch that channel to INT, you get OVERLOAD.

      All this applies to either channel.


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      Thanks Greg,

      I fixed this on Android and iOS, new versions will be available shortly.

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