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      Dustin A


      Received new Mooshimeter. Updated to Oct 30th firmware. Running v1.06 of the iOS application on an iPhone 5S with iOS 9.1.

      Within the first few minutes of running the app, I experienced a crash. If I remember correctly, occurred during the transition from graph to meter mode. Here is the crash log:

      More concerning, is the constant disconnection (iOS only) if the meter is placed in AC volts mode. I am testing with V and common connected to US 120v 60Hz mains, and the other jacks left open.

      I have noticed that if I leave channel 1 on temperature, and channel 2 in AC voltage (auto, 4000Hz/256 smpl) the meter can stay connected for several minutes before disconnecting. After sitting connected for a few minutes, if I switch modes on channel 1 from temperature to ‘Current DC’ by tapping the ‘INT’, the meter disconnects in 3-10 seconds with 100% reproducibility.

      I was able to remain connected for over 30 minutes in channel 2 diode test mode by leaving channel 1 set to ‘Current DC’. I then toggled channel 1 to ‘current AC’ mode and was disconnected within a few seconds. This is another 100% reproducible method of achieving BT disconnection on my hardware/software configuration (iPhone 5S, iOS 9.1, v1.06 app).

      Note that this connection issue does not occur on Android 5.1 (Nexus 7 2013).


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      We’ve now had multiple reports of the AC mode bug but this is the first full crash report, thank you! Will dig in to this ASAP.

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      Hi Dustin,

      I think I tracked it down. See the latest blog post.

      Bugfixes in iOS and Android

      Thanks again for your help on this – please let me know if this resolves the issue.

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      I updated to the latest firmware, and the disconnect issue seems to be fixed.


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