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      Herman van Haren

      Although I was enthousiastic at first, I must say that I now am disappointed with the Mooshimeter. Not the meter itself but the UI is obviously causing more problems than the ones I wanted to deal with, using the Mooshimeter.
      The iOS-app does not seem to be very well maintained, the connection is unstable, I used it on my iPhone SE and a 4th generation iPad but, for instance, changing the name of the device sometimes works but mostly not. Downloading logfiles sometimes works and sometimes does not and so on, and so on. When the iPhone first came on the market, all apps were merely designed for the iPhone, so I thought I was on the safe side. I have the impression that, for the Mooshimeter, Android is leading. Anyway, the fact that there’s no stable connection to my iOS-oriented gear, makes the Mooshimeter unusable to me, unfortunately.

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      My mooshimeters have never met ios-devices, so i can’t really say if that is “normal” or just bad luck.

      But, there is one thing, which does help in many problems with mooshimeter.. Have you tried new batteries? Even if battery status says that there is lot of percents left. “Idle” voltage on some batteries does not degrade linearly with the available capacity and might screw the results of indicators that only check voltage, like mooshimeters. So, even if there seems to be adequate voltage left, it might dip too much when trying to do something and crash the system.

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