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      John Vasquez

      I attempted to use my mooshimeter today to diagnose an issue with a friends Jacuzzi and needed to test 240v AC out to the heater. I found that when I switch my leads from Ohms to Voltage and then click on the app to show AC voltage the screen would load for about 3 seconds then it would close itself down and revert back to the screen that shows my mooshimeter is connected via bluetooth. DC voltage reading are working fine and Ohm readings are working fine also just when i switch to make a reading on AC I see this issue.

      Things I tried to resolve the issue are:

      1. Restart my iPhone
      2. deleted the app and reloaded it
      3. Push the reset button on my meter.
      4. removed the batteries and reset my mooshimeter

      I am using the following iPhone:

      Iphone 5S
      IOS 8.1.3

      Mooshimeter V.1 FW Build 1418010265

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      Hi John,

      THat’s very odd, sorry the meter’s giving issues. A few follow up questions for diagnosis:

      1. Does the meter itself reboot when this happens? On reboot the meter gives 2 long flashes from the LED and one short one.
      2. Is 240VAC being applied to the Ω terminal? That won’t damage the meter but it is turning on the protection circuitry.

      Also an experiment: If you set up the meter for reading AC voltage before trying to read 240V – does it crash? Or is it only if you transition in to AC voltage mode while the voltage is applied?

      Sorry for the trouble, hope we can figure it out.

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      Hi James,

      I resolved the issue, the mooshimeter was giving me the quick flashes as it normally does when i am connected to it.

      What I did was remove the App from my phone then rebooted the iPhone, I reloaded the app back on after the iPhone reboot and reset my bluetooth connection and low and behold it is working great now, when I
      switch the channel to AC it stays and I can measure voltage with no issue. I tested with 120V from the outlet and it showed the correct value.

      All is good in mooshimeter land. I will be taking my Mooshimeter to my local Maker Space to show it off…

      Thanks for the quick reply James….

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