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      Santiago Uribe


      I received a mooshimeter some days ago, I purchased in Sparkfun.

      I have a samnsung galxy note 5 phone, and most of the time i have has many problems.

      Some times at the beginig the software have problems with the status 133 (whts is this?), in oter occasions problems with status 1 (I understand problems with bluetooth), some times was scanning an when i push the icon send the software to a firmewirw update and occasionally open the software to take measures.

      In conclusion I think the mooshimeter it was created only to use with IOS. There are a lack of a good manual. The product it is failing.

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      I’m using my mooshimeter with an Android device (every day). Sure, it’s not 100% plug and play, there are issues, but it’s far away (for me) from saying it’s a fail. Sometimes it’s needed to swipe the app from the process table, because it’s in a state where a connect is not possible (or the app means the mooshimeter is in firmware upgrade mode (but according to blink code, it’s not)). Another problem is a low battery, my device is unstable when the battery is lower than 40-50%.

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      I cannot get either of two androids to connect to my meter. I’ve scraped the bad battery contacts (was a problem), and have reset several times. On reset, I get 4 long blinks followed by 1 short blink. There are short blinks at interval from the meter; I presume it’s working. I have tried two different androids, both use 4.4.2 os version, legacy, I know, but that’s what I have. I’ve loaded the app and installed twice on each droid, set the bluetooth on each one to look for any device, and simply do not get a connection.
      What’s going on? can anyone enlighten me? WTF????
      Thanks, Don

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      Just tried with my phone, android 6.0.1, bluetooth easily recognizes other droids, but still no meter. WTF?????

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      You dont need to pair your mooshimeter and phone. Or actually you should not pair them. If you have, tell your phone to forget mooshimeter and just start the app.

      You could check blink patterns (and much more) from there:

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      Hi Santiago and Don,

      Santiago – Bluetooth low energy is unstable on some Android phones. Apple is very consistent in how everything works between devices, but since Android phones are made by many different manufacturers with poor control over the standards, they all work a little bit differently. If you’re experiencing generally flaky bluetooth behavior with the Mooshimeter using your Samsung Galaxy Note 5, my only suggestion would be to try to upgrade the software on your phone or find another phone you can use it with. I can also offer you a return and full refund if it’s not working out as you hoped.

      Don – did you wake up the device from shipping mode? This should have been detailed on the instruction card you received with the meter. Connect the C and Aux port together for 10 seconds and it will wake up.

      No Android pairing should be necessary, you should be able to connect right from the Mooshimeter app.

      I hope this helps, sorry for the trouble! Best

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      I have been seeing/reading that starting with Android 6.0.0/Marshmallow some users are having BT connection problems.

      I hear that some improvements with some models may have been made with Android 6.0.1, however, there are still some problems even with 6.0.1.

      So for anyone having BT connection problems, please note what device you are using and what version Android OS you are running.

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      To update, I was able to get my Android that was running 6.0.1 to reconnect to the Mooshimeter which worked before then started to have problems and would no longer connect properly, I cleared the Cache on the Network Settings and so far this is helped resolve the issue.

      Go to Settings > Backup and reset > Network settings reset to clear all your connection data. This includes Bluetooth and cellular data, so you’ll need to reconfigure everything afterwards.

      But after doing this, the App connected to the meter flawlessly.

      One thing that still happens is if you search for BT connections, the BLE Meter will show up, BUT DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PAIR YOUR ANDROID WITH THE METER. Just close the BT control screen and if you attempt to Pair the meter with the device, you will probably need to go back and clear the Network Setting Cache again.


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