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      I have bought a new mooshimeter, because I like the idea. But I have a problem.
      If I put the batteries, then it flashes slow for some blinks, but then it starts a continous fast blinking. I can not connect, I can not stop it. Just a reset, but then… the same. Can you help me, please?

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      Hi Florian,

      Replied over email.


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      I’m using this thread, because is already existing.

      During a long term measurement (logging with 1 value/s), my mooshimeter probably crashed (after ~ 8 days) and blinks continuous ~5 times/s and is not accessible via bluetooth. After hitting reset it was accessible again. What does the fast blink code mean? The battery is still ok.

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      But if your device had crashed, those blinks may just be some death cramps.

      I dont have patience to log anything that long and even a day with sampling every second gives one metric shitload of data.. If there is something fast happening, it could be seen in few hours and most times long term stuff would appear just nicely in logs at longer sampling intervals. And there would still be huge amounts of datapoints.

      What are you planning to use for visualizing that much data? Excel? And is there something to see in that much detail?

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      Uh, sorry, I meant 1 value/min (not per second). Nevertheless, at every measurement (over 7 days), some logging lines are corrupt.

      For post processing I’m using a awk script which filter out the corrupt lines. For visualizing under unix I use a self written perl script (which is using GD to create a png). Under windows I’m found a simple programm called “DatPlot” (very easy, but you still need to convert the data).

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