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      Hi can you please list a key to current flash rates of LED on meter (when connected it seems to be constantly at extremely high flash rate ie you can’t actually see it as being off)

      Also can you clarify the actions of the logging button
      (Dose logging off mean when you push the button logging will stop or logging is stopped)

      Great meter!

      Thanks Rob

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      Hi Rob!

      LED flashing quickly means one of the self-tests failed in booting up the meter. That should not happen! Did it arrive with the LED flashing? Or did something change, for example loading new firmware?

      Logging: The text on the logging button reflects the present behavior of the meter. So if the button is red and says “LOGGING:OFF” it means logging is presently off, and pressing the button will turn logging on. Note that an SD card must be inserted for logs to be recorded.

      Thanks, let me know about that fast blink issue, if it arrived that way we will send you a replacement. Best,

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      The constant blink started after firmware upgrade.

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      Are you using iOS or Android?

      In either case, please ensure you have the latest version of the app by visiting the Mooshimeter app in their respective app stores, reboot the app, and try the firmware upload again.

      I think you must have accidentally uploaded an old version of firmware to the new hardware, which is why a self check fails. Please let me know how it goes!

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      Hi just deleted and re loaded app now shows as v 1.06 09 nov on iPad

      The app also seems buggy now random shutdowns and not able to change range when out of auto range

      The extremely fast flash is only present when connected to app and alters a little with readings taken

      Also in scan screen I had a help site box this has now disappeared with app reload ????

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      Hi Rob,

      If you can provide more detail about what actions cause a crash it would be very helpful, we’ll try to get it fixed.

      When the Mooshimeter is connected to the smartphone, it flashes once every time it sends a sample. So that flash is nothing to worry about.

      In the scan screen, I still see the link to the help site, but maybe we’re on different platforms. Can you take a screenshot of what you’re seeing and email it to It would help with diagnosis.

      Thank you!

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