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      Simon Wilson

      Received my Mooshimeter in Victoria Australia. Everything seems ok and it woke up. At rest the Led flash rate is about 4 flashes per second is this normal?

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      Mine worked fro a few days and then failed to connect and appeared to be dead wit no LED flashing. After a hard reset, I now have a short flash followed by a long flash followed by a short flash every 5-6 seconds. And attempts to connect with my phone timeout.

      Need advice.

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      Well I found the issue…Dead Batteries. I put the meter back in Hibernate mode after the 1st few times I used the meter. The last time I didn’t bother, since I read the stand by power consumption was very low. The result, dead batteries in less than 2 week.

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      As suggested, a fresh set of batteries fixed any issues I had.

      Had more of a play today and it’s a marvellous little instrument. Well done.

      Cheers Simon

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      Is there any reference information for the status LED blinking patterns? I have not found anything in the manual or on-line. That would be useful information.

      Mine was working fine and is now not appearing on the app scan. The LED is blinking three times and repeating. No change after reset. I’m guessing that this might be a low battery condition but it would be nice to not have to guess.

      Any help would be appreciated.

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      Hi dmacgreg,

      The LED is tied to mooshimeter processor activity, so there’s not many meaningful codes to extract. This is something I hope to improve in a firmware update. Right now the only meaningful patterns to look for are:

      – Long slow blink (1 sec on, 1 sec off): The meter is in bootloader mode.
      – “Chirp” of multiple blinks a fraction of a second apart: The meter is sampling. So if you set the meter to log at a 10s interval, you’d expect to see a chirp every 10 seconds
      – Periodic blink to check status of SD card. I believe that’s what you’re seeing right now.

      There’s no blink pattern associated with battery condition right now. You can check battery condition from the app when you are connected to the meter.

      Hope this helps, best

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      James- I was trying to update firmware, and now seem to be stuck in a mode where my android device (Nexus 7 android 4.4.4) will not recognize or connect at all.

      The LED is flashing on 3 times fast, then pause 1 second, then 3x flashes. I know this must mean something…

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      After removing the Mooshimeter batteries for 30 minutes and reinstalling them, I got the LED back to flashing once every 4 seconds, but I am still unable to connect from my android device, even after uninstalling and re-installing the android software- I only get a message “Unfortunately, Mooshimeter has stopped.”

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      Hi Joel,

      Sorry for delay. I think you have low batteries.

      Note: This does not apply to the original batch of Mooshimeters sent to crowdfunders, because this feature was only added in later manufacturing runs. The bootloader code is not updated once the meter leaves the factory so even if you’ve gone through the FW update process, you have the same bootloader as you did when you first received the meter.

      The bootloader checks the battery level before transitioning to the application firmware. In more recent bootloader versions, if the voltage is too low (I believe the threshold is 2V), it will give triple flashes once a second and not turn on the radio. I think that’s what you were seeing.

      I’m not 100% sure what state it could be in where it’s giving a single pulse every 4 seconds. It might just be in some kind of brown-out loop.

      Hope this helps

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      Thanks James- yes you are correct that my batteries were low- so we now know one one useful LED code: “3 quick flashes, pause 1 second, 3 quick flashes…” indicates dead batteries.

      Not sure why my batteries were low though- I’ve only had this meter for a month and not much use because of the VDC inaccuracy (see other thread). The original Duracel AAs were still installed. The new software indicated “Batt 45%”, but when I removed & measured them, they both showed 1.208v, very low for alkaline batteries (nominal 1.5v-1.6v).

      I replaced them with Eneloop NiMh batteries (1.38v each), and the meter is working again, although I still have the high VDC reading as before (readout is around 2.5% to 3.5% higher than actual VDC)


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