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    Let me introduce yet another library that talks to mooshimeter. This time under Linux. In C++. Works with generic bluetooth adapters.

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    Works really nicely! Love where this is going :)

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    Marc Wiemers

    under debian Buster i got the messages
    heartbeat thread: Writer: PCB_VERSION: no such command
    reader thread: BLE: read: Connection reset by peer
    and nothing will happend. I change the address of the meter and the streams.

    does any one have an idea?

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    Does your mooshimeter have a firmware version starting with 152?
    If so, the original lib won’t work, because the CRC32 checksum verification during connection is broken.

    You can try my patched version instead:

    I didn’t bother to maintain the lib as git submodule, but copying the files from my repo should work (you might need to add the “-lz” linker flags, since I added a dependency to zlib for their crc32() calculation).

    If you are interested in helping to maintain the lib, contact me (an issue on github would be ideal) and I will split the lib to a separate repo…

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    Marc, Are you using the built-in Bluetooth on a Pi3 or Pi4? I get similar errors, unless I use a USB BT dongle. I don’t know nearly enough about Bluetooth to say why this might be, but it might be worth trying to reach the author of the C library.

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    Marc Wiemers

    I try it under debian buster with Bluetooth Dongle

    0a12:0001 Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd Bluetooth Dongle (HCI mode)

    Do you have an idea?
    I want to read the mooshimeter by desktop or labtop with python to write the values in a file.



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