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      Hi all, I wonder if I can use lithium AA batteries instead of alkalines, they are lighter, never leak, have a higher capacity and voltage. Can the Mooshimeter take the higher voltage?

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      Hi CutterSlade,

      The Mooshimeter can accept 3.6V without damage. Higher than that is risky. Lithium AA batteries are usually about 1.8V each, so 3.6V together. So it should be fine as long as your AA batteries are at or below 1.8V each.

      Hope this helps,

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      That’s good that it accepts lithium cells. I notice that it has a low battery detector ( ) – perhaps this won’t work quite as well when using lithium? I.e – the batteries may suddenly die before the low voltage alarm is raised? Can the low voltage threshold be configured?

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      Hi Greg,

      No, the low voltage threshold is not configurable. The meter provides a battery level estimate in the app but it’s designed for alkaline, so you will probably find it is not very accurate when using lithium. But the core functionality should all be fine :)


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      Hi James,
      I logged data (voltage and current in circuit). Battery suddenly became low (red blinking as in spec). I measured voltage, it was 1.3V at each Duracell. After replacing batteries I was seen that logging stoped befor red blinking.
      May be better red blinking start at 1.2V and hold normal working up to power off at 1.0V?

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