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      Hi there –

      Love your meter. Maybe you have answered this one but I couldn’t find it using the search. If so, please just point me there.

      I am logging DC voltage on a boat to track electrical usage. The meter reads to about 5 places past the decimal point but logs to just one (I.E. 12.6 VDC). Is there a way to increase to at least 3 (I.E. 12.625)?

      Thank you. Tim

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      I was just going to bed, so i try to be quick.

      Is it possible that your excel, or whatever you’re using just truncates those decimal places for some reason?

      Did you check raw log files from mooshimeter with text-editor? How many decimals you got there?

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      Just remembered this and had to test:

      1511280329.999, 2.925791E002, 1.536989E000
      1511280331.288, 2.925803E002, 1.537026E000
      1511280332.576, 2.925840E002, 1.536799E000
      1511280333.866, 2.925845E002, 1.537121E000
      1511280335.158, 2.925858E002, 1.536913E000

      Second channel is voltage from AA-battery. I took a screenshot while logging and i “only” had 5 decimal places on the screen, while that log has 6.

      But, while trying this, i had problems connecting back to mooshimeter after i accidentally disconnected. Couple different fault codes later i killed the app on my phone and after that it worked just fine. And those timestamps wont fit my settings, which was 1 sec at 125Hz/64smpl. Should be able to keep up with that.. Need to investigate, but i have no time :D

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      Sorry for the slow response but have been having been traveling. When I change the formatting in the csv file generated by the meter, I just get zeros (I.E. 13.2 => 13.2000) so am pretty sure there is no extra precision in the file. Also, timestamp reads to about 6 places. Also, you kind of lost me above. Not sure how to proceed but surely I am not the first person to encounter this. Tim

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      Try to open that .csv file with text-editor (notepad etc.). You should have lot of lines like in my last response.

      Timestamp with millisecond resolution and two measured channels with ~7 digits each.

      Did you have both sampling settings on the app at auto? I’m not sure if faster rates and lower sample sizes would affect your resolution while logging. Atleast it still shows 3 decimal places at DCV 8kHz/32smpl on the apps mainscreen and ~7 digits at graph view.

      What programs have you tried for checking those logs? Excel? LibreOffice calc?

      There might be some help also:

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      Nope, only 1 decimal place. Yes, I have it set on auto. Tim

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      Yes I opened it in wordpad – still one decimal place, 3 digits. And yes I had already read the wiki post.

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      Thank you Ville for stepping in :)

      Hi Tschicks – can you open one of the CSVs in a text editor and copy and paste a section in to the forum? It might help us determine what is going on.


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