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      I have a fairly new Mooshimeter and I downloaded the recent beta app and firmware. When logging nominal 3.8VDC from 3 AA batteries ever 10 seconds for a couple of hours, I find many entries in the spreadsheet with over 1% deviation and 21 entries over 3% deviation (from the mean). Is this a function of the beta software or is my meter defective? I log every 10 sec with other settings at default. Probes in V and C. I am not monitoring while logging. I had noticed similar deviations while logging standard 120VAC 60Hz and also from my bench power supply, so I tried this test with simple batteries rule out any issues with the source. Thanks,
      — Duane

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      Hi Duane,

      Interesting – does the Mooshimeter show similar variability when reading while connected to the app, or only when logging with a 10s interval?

      If the meter is working fine while connected but displaying slight variance in logging applications, my hunch is that the settling time (time between meter waking up and time between logging a sample) is insufficient. This would be a firmware issue. I’m changing the way settling time is handled to address some other concerns users have brought up with logging in the forum, so I will factor this feedback in as well. Expect a longer settling time in the next beta release.


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      Excellent hunch. My meter app display is solid. So I set up logging with no wait and the log values were solid also. (not really a useful configuration for practical applications since it created multiple log files, but you already know of that issue). This probably validates it is the wake-up settling time. Since I could not find that other posters in the forum were having this issue, I guess my meter may lean a little towards worse case sensitivity in this area. So, I would be willing to test any settling time firmware changes you make in the future. Thanks.
      – – -Duane

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