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      Is it possible to add a function on the app, to save recorded points into a file (with .txt or .csv format) ? It would be really great, actually I only save it with a screenshot.

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      This feature already exists.

      If you enable Logging, then this will generate Log files. You can transfer the Log files from within the App or you can remove the MicroSD card and access the Log files.

      The trick/problem/challenge is the Log files are not always in useful or typical values. You can import the Log files into a program like MS Excel, but you need to tweak a lot of things to make it useful.

      The timestamp in in Unix Epoc time format, so you will need to convert this to a more friendly time format. Often values are in scientific notation and you will need to convert and format these.

      I spent a lot of time learning about Epoc time and reformatting the raw Log data but now I can typically get decent graphs from my Log files.

      Here are some examples of graph I created after Logging with the Mooshimeter.


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      Thanks jfoj. I will update my moshimeter and try this new transfering function.

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      Thanks, its working :)
      Now my big problem is to understand how I can convert this numbers to a date in Excel…

      Edit : It’s ok, I just found how to do it, numbers / (3600*24) + 1/1/1970

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      Here is some of the reference info and way I typically convert before I graph

      Mooshimeter Graph Info

      Add column after Epoc time and then paste formula below
      Excel Formula for Unix Time ” =A2/86400+25569″
      Then Format Time as Custom ss.0
      Then Format Voltage as Number with 2 decimal places

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