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      James- I’ve searched the forum but can’t find another post with this problem, so I suspect I’m doing something stupid, but:

      The default logging interval in the latest firmware is “1 min” (a good choice I think). I want to set the interval to “10 min” for my current project. I can set the interval to “10 min” by going into settings, but if I return to the settings menu after making that change, it again shows “1 min” as the interval. After setting interval to “10 min”, if I just assume that the interval is set, and start recording, then when I offload the file I find that the data was recorded at one minute intervals (not 10 minutes as desired).

      What am I doing wrong?

      (plus: a gratuitous suggestion- the “Start Logging” button should also should indicate the currently selected logging rate, to avoid user mistakes)

      Mahalo for all your hard work James!

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      PS: I’m using an Android 4.4 device for the GUI (Nexus 7 v2013)

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      You’re right – I found a bug in the code. It was a very simply typo.

      I released the fix to beta, if nothing blows up in beta I’ll push it to production in the next few days.

      Thanks again

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      wow that was fast James- you are amazing!

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