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      I’m using an MM (FW build 1477971088) with the iOS app (current version). On two separate devices (iPod Touch and iPhone SE), after I enable logging on the Logging Preferences page I see ‘Logging ENABLED / OK’ in the box at the bottom left of the Metering page. According to the instructions for logging, the text in that box should be ‘Logging On’ or ‘Logging Off’ and tapping the box should toggle between the two states. That is not what happens; tapping the ‘Logging Enabled’ box only brings up the Logging Preferences screen.

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      Sounds like it works just as expected.

      You have found some old instructions and app/device has got some updates since those. It was hard for users to remember what settings they had for logging and you had to check things elsewhere. So it was changed to show those settings when starting to log. Now you are “forced” to check your settings to match your setup and are more likely to get what you were aiming for.

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      OK. Those ‘old instructions’ are on the Mooshimeter Wiki ( Where can I find current instructions? The ‘Logging’ Wiki page is blank.

      As I understand it now, logging is running whenever it is enabled and stopped when it is disabled. I don’t find that especially intuitive, but I can live with it.

      More questions and remarks:

      Under ‘Load Logs’ now I see 25 logs – some with 0 bytes, some with 1 or 3 kB. Why are some of them blank?

      How can I delete logs? Do I have to remove the SD card and delete the files on a PC?

      When I email logs to myself, the messages never arrive.

      It would be nice to not have to enter the email address (always the same) each time you want to send a log file.

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      I’m on android, but i think that most things should work the same on ios.

      There are multiple reasons for empty/extra log-files to appear.. Maybe you toggled logging on/off while messing with app and ~forget, changed settings while logging was enabled, mooshimeter crashed and rebooted (it should be able to continue on same file) etc.

      You can delete logs via app, you just need to view them first for some reason. While you are transferring single file, there is a trashcan icon. Its easier to delete tens of files with pc though.

      Its not that often that i need to send my raw logs by email, but as i tried, i got to see the file just fine as attachment on gmail-app*. Maybe your email-client does not like to send stuff back to itself? What if you save that mail as a draft? Should be able to open it on another device, if email is the way you want to go.. I “share” my logs to google-drive if further processing on another device is needed.

      * – on gmail, i did not have to write whole address, after couple letters it offers right address, like always. What options does ios offer for sharing, as android gives me million choices for how to share things, not just one email-client?

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      Sadly, no trashcan icon on the iOS app. When I tap an individual log file under Load Logs, the ‘Downloading file’ page appears briefly and then switches to the email composition page with the selected log file as an attachment. The only options there are to enter the email recipient address (To and/or Cc/Bcc)(the subject is prefilled) and send the message, or Cancel. With the first option the email is sent (whoosh…) and the app goes back to the ‘Downloading file’ page (no trashcan icon). If instead I tap Cancel on the email page, I have the options of Delete Draft, Save Draft or Cancel. The first two options go back to the ‘Downloading file’ page; the Cancel option returns to the email composition page.
      It looks like the iOS app is not getting the same attention as the Android app.

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