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      I thought I should move this to it’s own topic.

      Connected and logging with my Droid phone, I noticed a couple issues:

      1. The “Time” field was always coming out with numbers ####.### which you said was “seconds since the meter was powered on” unless the clock has been set. Then you told me the iOS devices auto sync the clock with the phone. So, I had a friend with an iPhone connect to my Mooshimeter and sure enough, my clock is set now. I’ll patiently await the droid update for clock sync.

      2. You said this would be UTC time. But, that didn’t address the format of the time. The time the mooshi puts into the log files is actually “UNIX EPOCH” time (aka: seconds elapsed since 00:00:00 on 1/1/1970 GMT). To that end, users will need the following formula to convert this Epoch time back to their time zone. This example converts to EST (GMT-5):
      the -5 is for EST, adjust as required for your time zone. Then set the Excel cell format to date/time.

      3. Since connecting to the iOS to set the clock, I connected to my droid & setup to performed a 10min LOG (max interval) of a DC battery just to test. What came out was 30 log files, 3 per minute, each log contains 1 reading. I don’t understand why? Earlier tests produced 1 log file with hundreds of readings in the same file. What am I doing wrong?

      Thanks again for all your hard work!

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      Well, it’s not the iOS that made logging break. We used another MooshiMeter that has never been connected to an iOS device, and this one is creating hundreds of log files now too. Instead of 1 log file with 100 entries, we get 100 log files each with 1 entry. Still not sure what we’re doing wrong. Our first test produced a good log file with 1000 entries. Where did we go wrong.

      Thanks again James. Sorry to add to your already busy schedule.


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      Another thing I’ve noticed, the logging interval seems to be wrong as well. If I set it for 1s, I get 1 reading (or 1 log file) per Minute. If I set it for MAX, I get about 3 readings (log files) per minute. Something has changed since our first test. We’ll look for updates on the app. If you can think of something else we’re doing wrong, let me know. Or if you would like any other tests, I’d be happy to perform them.

      Thank you James.

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