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      James, I just happened to run across this really great document/evaluation of the mooshimeter. It is quite recent (May 2016) and I am surprised there in no mention of it here. Seems like a good resource of info, all in one document. Providing you have permission, it might be a nice addition to the documents section of your website.

      — – Duane

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      I read it. It has some great info about the meter, but it reads like a high school student report. He complains about the simple stuff (needing to make a shunt to turn it on?? Are you serious? Take the common lead and short it to the ohm terminal!!), or that it doesn’t come with a printed manual (do you really need a manual to use a DMM?), or the fact that the writer doesn’t know how to use the Apple App Store (seriously? it’s 2016. get with the program).

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