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      What kind of resistance should the meter show when the leads are shorted together? My Mooshimeter reads about 1.85 ohms. The same pair of leads reads 0.2 ohms when connected to another meter.

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      Hi John,

      The Mooshimeter’s officially accurate resistance range is above 10 ohms. This is because there’s a little bit of internal resistance in the meter that can change over time. Specifically, there is a high voltage PTC in the resistance path for protection, and its resistance increases slightly every time it’s used (every time the Ω input is overloaded), which is probably what’s adding the extra 1.5 ohms in your case.

      The resistance readings at low values should still be accurate if you perform a zero first. You do this by tapping the “zero” button. It will turn green indicating the offset is being applied. To stop applying the offset, tap it again.

      Let me know how it goes, best

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      Thanks for the explanation about the inline fuse.

      The zero button does not work for me. The zero button turns green, but the resistance values still show 1.85 ohms or so. Going back to the scan page, returning to the meter display, it looks like zeroing is being applied, but then I can’t turn it back off. The button toggles red and green, but the resistances don’t change. After a while, I start seeing negative resistance values, which seem to confuse the auto ranging function, as it sticks on 2.5 megaohms range.

      This is a RevI PCB, firmware build 1447458797, Android app 1.0.17 (444).

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      In my case it is working only “50%” in the Mooshimeter beta.

      The upper part saves the the value, in my meter ~9,67 ohm but only keeps subtracting it until it shows the first time overload. Than it is still printed in the ZERO field but no longer subtracted.

      In the lower part it works as expected.

      Hope it helps fixing the problem … If it is not a new one after 7 month.

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