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      I was suffering from the constant flat battery issue despite de-burring the clips.
      Put ANOTHER set of new batteries in and could small hot electronics! Had a thermal camera handy so looked. The 6 leg component near the GND and DT test points was red hot! Then a nearby track/via on the PCB went brown and bubbled up! I took the batteries out quickly.
      There were no leads connected to the meter, just had new batteries and blue smoke came!!!!!

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      Hi Guy,

      Thanks for the description. I think the part you’re describing is this one:

      Which is part of this circuit:

      This is there to protect the meter from the batteries being reversed. Clearly this component has failed on your PCB, and it sounds like it has failed in a short circuit. This should not have happened. Email me with shipping info and I’ll get you a replacement. Or if you’re comfortable soldering and want to attempt a repair, the rest of the circuit might be intact: remove the offending component and bridge across these pads:

      This will bypass the reverse battery protection. Best

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