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    Shawn D Růžek

    Where is the instruction manual for this thing. It’s mostly intuitive but I’d like to know how to turn on data logging.

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    Shawn D Ruzek

    What is the button for next to the SD card slot? What happens if I reopen these slots?

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    The button next to the slot is a master reset button. It does a hard reboot of the meter.

    Opening the slots will make the button and SD card accessible but will invalidate the CATIII rating. Be safe!

    The logging firmware isn’t complete yet (fighting timing bugs, sorry about that), but when it’s ready it will be released in an app/firmware update. I am putting together a cheat sheet later today because the manual question comes up frequently, but now I must run to the post office before cutoff time.

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    I think this project is caught in a legacy trap. Although it looks and feels like a device that you would hold in your hand, in practical terms, why would you ever do this?

    A legacy meter would be grasped tightly as you watch the display, but in this case the box itself will most likely be dangling on the end of the cable or wedged in a cabinet. Thus I see no safety concern in opening the slot.

    If one was to hypothetically do this they would find it a bit of a challenge. Although the wall is thinned quite a bit the material is rather tough and requires patient shaving layer by layer. Hypothetically of course.


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    Shawn: I just put together a cheat sheet here. I hope it is helpful!

    Tom: :) Yes, hypothetically it would be quite difficult to remove the slot covers without a Dremel. The material is polycarbonate – it is sometimes sold under the more familiar trade name Lexan. In thicker sheets it’s used for bullet resistant glass.

    Regarding legacy trap: You hit a nail right on the head. The safety standards are written for a previous era. One of the tests that really set us back was a test designed to check if the paper in your transformers was absorbing water.

    That said, I do sometimes use my Mooshimeter in my pocket with the leads hanging out. I find that to be quite convenient. And one of the use cases I want to enable is the meter in pocket and text-to-speech in the app telling readings to your headphones, so both your hands and your eyes are totally free to handle the leads. So I think the full CATIII 600V rating is important.

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    Shawn D Růžek

    Thanks for the replies. a suggestion for a future apk might be to add the cheat sheet as a help screen. thanks for the great work!

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