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      I have just received a Mooshimeter from Elektor in The Netherlands.
      On opening the box the LED was flashing every 2 Sec.
      No Bluetooth device was detected.
      I pressed the reset button the LED then flashed bright 4 times then resumed flashing every 2 Sec at a reduced brightness again no Bt device is detected !
      I tried replacing the batteries with the same result as pressing the Reset button.

      Any suggestions ?



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      Hi Geoff,

      That behavior is not consistent with any good operating mode. If you already replaced the batteries with known good batteries and the behavior didn’t change, I think it’s safe to say your unit is somehow defective. Please email with a copy of your Elektor invoice, we will arrange a replacement through Elektor so you don’t have to wait for international shipping.


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      As a followup to others who find this thread: It looks like we released some Mooshimeters that weren’t in shipping mode, so they arrived already on and blinking once every 2 seconds. If your meter is not waking up when you follow the wake-up instructions on the card, try skipping the wake-up and just scanning for it from the app.

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