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      Alex Volanis

      I have not used my meter for 4 months and after this time I cannot connect with it any more. Replace batteries and doing hard reset doesn’t help. I got the blinking light but i cannot connect since it will not appear in the scan.

      I have tried 3 different devices with which I was able to connect before and none were able to detect the meter in bluetooth scan. What can I do to get my meter working again? I really expected better reliability from this device. I have barely used it and it is now not working.


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      Hi Alex,

      That’s very strange. Just confirming: the blinking is a faint blink once every few seconds?

      If it’s a faint blink every few seconds, maybe by some fluke the device has set itself back in to shipping mode, where it turns the radio off to avoid raising any red flags with the postal service. To wake it from this mode, try shorting the C and Ω inputs together for 10 seconds. If successful the device will reboot and advertise.

      Another test to try:
      When you reboot, the device should give strong solid blinks for about 5 seconds before transitioning to the faint blinks. Does the meter appear in any scans while giving the solid blinks? It should appear as “Bootloader” in that mode.

      I hope I can help you get this resolved. Also the batteries should not have been dead after 4 months on a shelf. There was a batch of meters that went out with firmware that drains the battery faster, so if we can get you up and running again I recommend running a firmware update.

      Please let me know how the above goes. Best

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      Hi James. I feel very foolish now. Your comments about hibernation reminded me that I put the meter in hibernation before shelving it. Doh! I am able to scan the meter and get it connected fine.

      I am using Android 4.4 and 5.1 for the two devices I connect with. After the first connection with hibernation disabled the meter had to be reset before it came back a second time. I expect to try and upgrade the firmware soon but I wanted to clear the issue with the hibernation first.

      Thanks for a great tool. I like the new software so far.

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      Hi James, quick follow up regarding firmware upgrade.

      I was able to get the timing right and start the upgrade. The first attempt ran at the new 8x speed until what appeared to be the very last packet at which point the progress stopped and the meter seemed to be back in bootloader mode. I let it sit there for about ten minutes and it was still stuck. I pressed the “Cancel” button on the GUI and the application reset to “Start Programming”. I pressed the “Start Programming” and the upload started this time in what seemed like the original slow mode, approximately 600 seconds worth of estimated time. I walked away for a bit and when I came back the meter had successfully upgraded the firmware and was in normal mode.

      I snapped a picture of the phone as it was in the stuck mode if it would help. Looking at the total bytes and completed bytes I am guessing it was stuck at what seems like the last packet. Let me know if you want to see this and I will upload the picture somewhere.

      The meter is fine now and has new firmware. I can see it with the latest Android App from both the LG G4 that I used to upgrade the firmware and the Samsung Note 10.1 with Android 4.4.

      One more thing. The App crashed once after the firmware update after disconnecting and exiting using the menu option. I submitted a crash report for that but I did not see another crash so far.

      Thanks again!

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