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      I have a battery which measures 7.2V on every meter I have except the Mooshimeter which reports 8.8V. However it will report 0V correctly no it’s not a straight forward offset.
      Connecting it to a 5v power supply reads 6.1v.
      I have 3 other mooshimeters all working correctly.
      Any ideas?

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      Today I have checked it with a power supply and an external mulitmeter.
      It consistently reports voltages about 20% higher than it should.
      I tested between 0v and 10v (so the mooshimeter reported 0v-12v)

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      Hi Ben,

      That sounds like either a bad mooshimeter or a bad calibration got through. Very sorry for the trouble. Please send an email to with shipping information and I’ll get a new meter out to you and coordinate the return of the defective unit. Just reference this forum post.


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