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      Jon Stratis

      I opened the app today (iPhone 6+, iOS 8) and it did an automatic firmware update. Since then, I have been unable to get the meter to wake up or connect. Shorting the leads to wake up doesn’t cause the LED to come on. The app can see the meter, but just sits there and spins when trying to connect to it!

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      Hi Jon,

      When the firmware on the meter is updated sometimes the phone can be confused because the Mooshimeter will be broadcasting with the same address but other connection parameters will have changed. If you haven’t already, can you try:

      1. Turning Bluetooth off and on again?
      2. Rebooting your phone?

      Also – just checking – is the Mooshimeter blinking? Sometimes if a firmware update goes wrong the meter will revert in to the bootloader and blink the LED on and off at a rate of once per second. If the meter is giving one very faint blink every 10 seconds, the firmware update was OK.


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      resetting bluetooth on the phone fixed it, thanks!

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