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      I am looking for a highly accurate multi-meter with programability, I have seen the Python interfaces & it perfectly match my requirements. Now the question is the accuracy, my benchmark is Flute 289 DMM, I would like to know where mooshim stand against that.

      Accuracy spec of Fluke 289
      DC Volt – 0.025%
      AC Volt – 0.4% (True-RMS)
      DC Current – 0.05%
      AC Current – 0.6% (True-RMS)

      Fluke Website

      Sunil M

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      I am looking for that information too.
      Will be fantastic to know the comparison with Fluke 289 as requested above for single measurements as well as when multiple measurements are being captured.

      If the mooshimeter is way better then what high end Multimeter we can compare this to. Trying toto bring in the accuracy /$ number which I am sure will help a lot of us make quick deconstruction.

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