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      James Staszuk

      Apologies if this topic is elsewhere, I couldn’t find it easily.

      I had an issue with the meter not showing up in a scan from an IOS device (iphone 6). I tried all the usual trouble shooting steps:
      -Reset mooshimeter
      -Remove batteries, let meter sit, reinstall batteries
      -Remove SD card, reset mooshimeter
      -Shutdown and restart app
      -Shutdown app, shutdown phone, restart

      Several of these were tried in combination all to no avail. I also confirmed the LED blink pattern was correct: 10s interval with one or two blinks depending on the presence/absence of the SD card.

      Then I had a friend install the app on an android phone. He connected right away without issue. After cursing apple, I noticed there were weird character after the bluetooth device name. There was a solid black diamond with a question mark in it. I assume this was an unprintable ascii character but how it got in the name I have absolutely no idea. We changed the name back to what it was and what do you know, I could then connect with my iphone no problem.

      So I think the problem may have been solved one of two ways:
      1) Removing the weird character from the bluetooth name.
      2) Using a different device to connect to the meter and then trying again.

      My suspicions are on #1 but I don’t care to try to repeat the steps to test the theory.

      I hope this helps someone out there.

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      This is a great insight, thank you. Apparently Apple is filtering by device name under the hood.

      I think there may have been another way to get around this issue – sometimes the phone tries to store pairing information for the Mooshimeter. If you go to bluetooth settings and clear all pairing information, sometimes that allows the phone to find the meter again.

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