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      I need my Mooshimeter to log data for an experiment I am doing. Today I set up my circuit and connected the Mooshimeter on the current setting. I turned it on and nothing happened. The Mooshimeter sill read 0 amps. I tested with another multimeter and it worked fine.

      I also have had a problem measuring resistance. The Mooshimeter shows erratic ratings and does not accurately measure any resistances (my fingers did not touch the leads).

      In addition, I have had problems connecting the Mooshimeter to my phone. It says “Initialization failed. Status -1”. Usually, if I restart my phone it pairs fine but not always.

      Is my Mooshimeter defective or am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

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      Hi Nicholas,

      Regarding the current measurement: Did you have the current routed through the A and C ports of the Mooshimeter? If so, can you check if the fuse is blown? If the fuse is OK, there will be continuity between the A and C ports on the Mooshimeter. If the fuse is blown, there will be an open circuit between the A and C ports.

      Connecting and seeing “Status: -1”: I assume this in on Android? -1 is a timeout, and in my experience this is an issue on the phone side. It can usually be resolved by turning bluetooth off and on again on the phone before trying to reconnect, or rebooting the phone.

      Measuring resistance: the behavior you’re getting sounds wrong, it shouldn’t be jumping around like that. Please email me at if you’d like to talk about replacement.


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