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      Brett Johnson

      Hi Gang,
      I have an HTC one M7 with Android 4.4.something. I have been down loading copies of the APK from the app-latest.apk URL every day or so, still hoping for a version that works on my phone.
      I noticed that since my Mooshimeter arrived, my phone battery was dying by about lunch time everyday, where I would usually get about a day and a half. Hmmm… going to Settings -> Power -> Usage told me that “Mediaserver” was the culprit. A bit of reading revealed that if there was a “corrupt” file stored on “removable” media, “mediascanner” would keep trying to access it. Apparently, mediascanner is suborned to mediaserver in the eyes of the usage app.
      I found all my mooshimeter APK files and deleted them. Mediaserver has gone back to consuming almost no power at all.
      I don’t actually know that the mooshimeter APK files were the problem but I didn’t delete any other files. Weird huh?
      If anyone wants to figure this out in more detail than me and has any questions, please send ’em along.



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