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      Owen Brinkerhoff

      Hello James and everyone else, just thought I would give my impression of the new beta. All of my observations happen in graph mode at 8000hz sample rate. First I have always had some problem with the meter disconnecting graph mode but it is much worse now. Second I don’t see a way to disable one channel, but I do like the auto-scaling choice. Third is not a new problem and it might not be curable. I still see noise that peaks into the +-10 to +- 15 mv dc range in buffer mode with no leads attached. I don’t think I can trust the meter to give accurate AC power values using a magnetic pick up unless a solution is found for this problem. Sorry about being a broken record on that last one. I am just hoping.

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      Hi Owen,

      I wanted to let you know I’ve bought a Samsung Android 6 device to test with, it should be here in the next few days. I hope to reproduce the graphing disconnection you’re seeing, because I haven’t been able to so far.

      Regarding disabling one channel in graph mode: I just turn off the autofitting and swipe the channel I don’t want out of range. I didn’t want to add more controls than necessary.

      Noise in buffer: I’m about 90% sure that what you’re seeing is the intrinsic sampling noise. If I set a meter on my desk to 8000Hz+256 samples, 60V input, I get a noise profile that looks like this:

      Is this consistent with what you’re seeing?

      Sorry this post doesn’t have any solutions, just trying to fully grok the problems.


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      Hi James, yes the sample noise is about the same. That noise is a problem for ac current and power measurement. I guess the other solution would be to have a higher signal level for the magnetic pickup. I don’t know if something like that exists 100 mv per amp would work. I’ll look for something like that.

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