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      Is there a way to simply calculate the long term average of a signal? I know it can average a single buffer, but I want it to continually update a long term average. My very old CHY48R logging meter does this, and it can display the minimum, maximum, and difference between min & max as well.
      EDIT: I realise this can be done by post processing the log, but that’s inconvenient – much quicker to just have it directly in the app.

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      I would prefer to have a permanent display of min/max/avg and a button to reset/clear them. This is like my other DMM, where I can read the min, max and avg (mean) values after some minutes of measuring.

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      Agree that a simple, real time Max, Min, Avg captured in the App is really something that should be available.

      Also what about capturing Log files in the App that would allow graphing/movie type of review and this App cache would be useful in the case the meter Logging was not enabled.

      Could the App Log faster than the meter? Seems the App and platform running the App would have more processing power than the meter and offload fast Logging sample rate to the App rather then on the meter might yield faster polling times?

      It just seems to me that the App and power of the platform running the App should be exploited to offer even better performance than what the meter itself might offer.


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