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      Bob Stout

      I cannot understand why you didn’t create a PC app to work with Mooshimeter. I have two of them but I find the Android app and the weak Python app horrible. It would be so nice to be able to connect via BLED112 or other BLE interface and record data, etc via a laptop. This is such a no-brainer!! I hate how everyone who designs an Iot device feels compelled to create a buggy, slow Android/Iphone app and ignores the PC laptop realm.

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      Hi Bob,

      When I started this project (mid-2013), Windows did not have any support for BLE devices. Marginal support was added in Windows 8, but it wasn’t until Windows 10 (released mid 2015) that Windows itself started supporting BLE, and even then it was quite buggy and immature.

      I wrote the BLED112 python wrappers as a compromise solution because I wanted those who needed it to have PC access to the Mooshimeter, and at the time it was the most viable OS independent solution (internally, it’s a serial port, so it works on Windows/Mac/Linux with almost the same python scripts).

      I’d definitely like to improve PC support in the future, but right now the vast majority of users are mobile. When I have some time (right now I’m neck deep in the mobile apps) I’ll revisit the new options for PC support.

      Hope this explains some of the decisions, let me know if there’s something I can do to help in the meantime. Best

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      > right now the vast majority of users are mobile.
      That’s shouldn’t come as a surprise as long as one has to use a mobile device to use the Mooshimeter.

      I too would like a (Linux) “PC” solution. My Android device doesn’t support BLE. Can’t help but thinking that for analysis of logged data, a PC is much better suited anyhow.

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      I would also love to have my Mooshimeter on the PC (Linux MINT), when I teach in programming (Arduino and other electronics). Then i can show results directly on the projector. Right now i am using the Analog Discovery via USB, but i am missing the wireless solution.

      Maybe an open source API could do the job. I think there are a lot of people who want to make the most awesome Open Source PC meter.


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      Hi Tjelum and Guenther,

      Another user has started a Linux library to talk to the Mooshimeter. It is still very early in development, but it can connect and read values off of the beta firmware, right now available only through the Android beta.

      The library is here:

      He has it running on Arch Linux. To run it, you need one of the latest versions of Bluez, the linux bluetooth stack. And you have to run it with the –experimental flag.

      Hope this is helpful

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      Hello all,

      just had a go on trying to get the Mooshimeter running on Linux.
      Bought me a Toughbook and was very anxious to get the Mooshimeter connected to it… before I red all the requirements :-D

      Started out by installing ARChon and converting the APK for Chrome. Got it evetually starting (after various changes in several files), but then I noticed that my (older) Toughbook only have Bluetooth 2.1. So I stopped there until I get my hands on a Bluetooth 4.

      Hopefully some one gets it working native on Linux without any witchcraft.
      I do love my Mooshimeter (and Linux) and as I am swopping my Android tablet for my CF-19, I’d be happy to have the program there too.


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