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      The meter was working fine when last used. Now I just get status led blinks 3 times every 2 seconds. How to connect? Pressing the reset button short or long produces the same result. Tried pulling the battery out, reloading the Android app and shorting the inputs. What have I missed? Thank you

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      Reload the app means, you have killed the app completely from memory using the android task list? This is what I need to do in such situations.

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      Problem solved. It was dead batteries. After reading some of the info on this forum I found that it isn’t uncommon for the batteries to be dead in a few weeks. This was the problem. New batteries and she took right off. Bravo Mooshimeter and shame on me for not checking the simple things first. I was able to find the blink codes too. 3 Blinks means logging is active. This and the other material I read triggered a face hand. lol.. I also upgraded the firmware today as I got a new phone with current Android version.

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      Hi Richard,

      Glad you found the solution, sorry I didn’t swoop in fast enough.

      Battery death within a few weeks of standby is not normal – If you have a Mooshimeter from the batch that was affected by the battery contact issue ( you may have a battery contact that has scratched through the label and is making marginal contact with the battery surface. This was counterintuitive to me but several users have reported it, so if your batteries die within a few weeks again please check the contacts.

      Let me know how else I can help, best

      PS. Thanks again @Andreas!

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