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      Philip Pinto

      I had a battery leak in this device it was only in there a day before it started leaking so I pulled it out pretty quickly however the battery seem to be venting. Once I remove the battery I noticed that there was a slight haze on the PCB so I cleaned this off with some alcohol IPA a toothbrush and then thoroughly dried the device with a hairdryer before putting it in the airing cupboard overnight. However now I seem to be getting some very strange readings on the DC range on both current and voltage with no leads connected. Any ideas what could be causing this and any ideas how to fix it. There doesn’t seem to be any corrosion on the PCP as this all happened within a space of one day. I learnt my lesson not to use cheap Chinese batteries. Please see these screenshots.

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      Thought I’d post an update the case it helps anyone. I thought I had clean this out really well but after a few weeks I noticed the tell tale signs of white powdery alkaline corrosion all over the PCB. I immediately cleaned it with some white vinegar and a toothbrush then thoroughly rinsed it with clean water dried it and did a final cleaning with some IPA alcohol.. I thoroughly dried it with a hairdryer and then left it in the airing cupboard overnight in a bowl of rice. it seems to have done the trick all the readings have come back to normal and the device is now working as it should.

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