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      I had a couple of ideas of adding an off switch without violating the cat III safety. One is to connect the batteries via a normally closed reed switch and use a magnet to turn it off and the other is to use a mercury tilt switch. I implemented the latter, more details in my blog.

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      Hi nophead,

      it’s amazing – I had nearly the same idea last november. Since then, my mooshimeter is switched off completely if not used. :-)

      The difference between our soulutions is that mine not only preserves cat III compliance, it also doesn’t void warranty, as it doesn’t require any hardware modification. I used a snippet of thin double-sided PCB material as a carrier for the reed contact, which can then be “plugged” between battery and the corresponding contact, so it’s a completely removable “addon”.

      Mooshimeter main switch in its position

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      Neat solution.

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