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    In the android app and on the sd-card I see only 10 log files (0-9). However it seems that in the 10th log file all successive (10th +) logs are appended.

    What the f+++? ;-(

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    Hi Richard,

    New log files are created when you turn logging off and on again from the app. Logs may be appended if you simply remove the SD card and put it back in again, or reboot the meter. This is because the meter will assume it is recovering from an error and will try to pick up where it left off.

    Hope this is helpful, best

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      Hi James,
      > New log files are created when you turn logging off and on again from the app.
      Thats what I expected and did.

      I did only remove the SD-Card after my 10th+n log in hope to find it on the sd-card, after the app wasn’t showing it…

      Is there maybe a bug in the FW? Mine is FW 1477971088.

      Also I discovered lots of “,000264 ” sometimes in my logs (see example below). They confuse my evaluation script.

      Example snippet:
      500173365.049, 2.747401E-02, 4.171785E001
      1500173384.044, 2.742558E-02, 4.172006E001,000264
      1500173385.054, 2.747029E-02, 4.171836E001
      1500173404.044, 2.748519E-02, 4.171976E001,000264
      1500173405.051, 2.745911E-02, 4.171836E001
      1500173424.044, 2.741813E-02, 4.172018E001,000264
      1500173425.052, 2.740696E-02, 4.171815E001
      1500173444.042, 2.731382E-02, 4.172015E001,000264
      1500173447.101, 2.736225E-02, 4.171836E001
      1500173455.251, 2.722442E-02, 4.171790E001
      CH1: AMPS 10A
      CH2: VOLT 60V
      SMPL: 0064 0125Hz
      1500240460.233, 1.527369E-04, 8.137523E-03,000264
      1500240460.954, 1.527369E-04, 8.175373E-03
      1500240461.702, 1.527369E-04, 7.467598E-02
      1500240462.386, 1.452863E-04, 1.293677E-01
      1500240463.039, 1.862645E-04, 1.276266E-01
      1500240463.692, 1.043081E-04, 1.294434E-01

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    Hi Richard,

    Thank you for that snippet, that’s really helpful.

    The extra “,000264” is an error code that helps me diagnose issues. It is the line number in the source code of the firmware where an error occurs. In this case, the meter is failing to wake the SD card after being asleep.

    Do you have a different SD card available to try? This is the first time I’ve seen this problem, I get more than 10 logfiles using that firmware version. It might be worth trying another SD card, their interfaces are subtly different.

    Let me know how it goes

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    Hey James,
    no I don’t have another Sd-card at hand.

    However I also found some other error msg in the log, nameley:

    1499189951.084, 5.074326E000, 3.742568E001
    1499189952.084, 5.074605E000, 3.742852E001
    1499189953.085, 5.074579E000, 3.743193E001
    CH1: AMPS 10A
    CH2: VOLT 60V
    SMPL: 0064 0125Hz
    1499189953.662, 5.074285E000, 3.748391E001,000460
    1499189954.730, 5.074359E000, 3.748613E001


    499208500.840, 2.909824E-02, 4.171966E001
    1499208502.741, 2.826377E-02, 4.171989E001
    1499208503.424, 2.780556E-02, 4.171985E001
    1500151023.665,-4.231930E-03, 3.407281E001,000470
    1500151024.724, 5.049754E000, 3.588818E001
    1500151034.812, 5.052097E000, 3.600449E001
    1500151044.894, 5.051058E000, 3.607574E001
    1500151054.985, 5.051471E000, 3.613223E001
    1500151073.664, 5.052581E000, 3.618019E001,000264
    1500151075.156, 5.054406E000, 3.622146E001

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    Hi James,
    I’m receiving the “,000460” error right from the start in my new logs. What does it stand for?

    Also can you at least name me a couple Sd-cards which work? I don’t feel like buying several sd-cards to find a working on.


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    Hi Richard,

    Sorry I dropped the thread.

    Code 460 means the meter has just rebooted and is resuming logging. Seeing it at the start of a log might not be a problem – if you reset the meter or took the batteries out I’d expect to see the 460 code. If it’s being generated spontaneously, that means the meter is rebooting. It would make me suspect the batteries.

    Regarding SD card types: I haven’t had problems with anything from Sandisk or Kingston. I’ve also used the Samsung 32GB cards with success. The only cards that have personally given me trouble turned out to be ebay counterfeits.

    I made a bulk purchase of 128MB SD cards a while ago and have a bunch of them around, they haven’t given me any trouble and I’d happily send you a few. Email me if you’re interested in that. I’m out of town but can send them when I return (Wednesday).

    Sorry for the trouble, best

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    Mine is a 8GB Transcend, which I already tried to reformat and partitioned it to just a 2GB fat32 (rest unallocated), but to no avail.

    If you could send me one the 128 MB SD cards that would really be nice.I had a hard time finding anything below 16GB – 128 MB is amazing, lol.

    Regarding the 460 error, according to the app my batteries are at 70% and I have de-burred the holders, also couldn’t see any marks. Furthermore in my measuring the mooshi is lying still in place – no movement all.

    Also I get the 470 error in equal terms, what does this one mean?

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      What about those battery contacts, do they seem to be tight? Maybe bend those little bit inwards.

      And that holder is quite tight, so it is possible to insert batteries in a way that contact at other end would be loose, even if the gap between contacts would seem to be shorter than that battery itself. I added kapton-tape over battery holders after i had removed burrs and it is now easy to spin batteries while in the holder, to help center them.

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    Hi Richard,

    I sent the SD card, you should have them soon.

    Error code 470 means the SD card failed to wake up after a sleep.

    If Ville’s advice does not help (it’s good advice, thank you ville!): Since you’ve confirmed that you’re working with multiple SD cards, I worry that you might just have a weirdly flaky meter. If you find the logging issue persists with the known good SD cards I sent you, I’ll replace your meter. One way or another we will get to the bottom of this!


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