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      I have a Mooshimeter Rev1 04/2015, Firmware ver. 1477971088, Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, Android ver. 7.0, running the Mooshimeter App ver.1.0.38 (2214). With the meter sitting near the phone (within 6″) I usually see only 2 bars on the display (40). With the meter beside the phone (actually touching the phone) I only see 3 bars (67). The battery is at 50+. What is going on? I would think I would see much better signal strength with the meter that close.

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      Strange. I cant get those bars/number to update at all. I connected while mooshimeter was touching my phone and got 4/4 and 80. I went to other side of the house, where updates seemed to slow down and waited for a minute and it still had same signal indication on the screen :D

      Disconnecting and rescanning do update signal strength on device list, but it seems that we cant get any info while connected. At least my mooshimeters seem to work just fine, but signal strength would be nice to see. I have no idea if that has worked in the past.

      Do you still get reasonable range for your device? It says 50 meter of air with line of sight on specs, but i’m quite sure that would not be that stable to be usable. I have been positively surprised at about 20 meters though.

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      I made a short test, seems that the “signal strength bar indicator” is not updated after the mooshimeter was connected to the phone. I can walk through my apartment and the value is not changing.

      Instead of the bars, you can use the “connection screen” which shows the RSSI value. The best value I can get is -24 dBm in one specific position (probably where the antennas of phone and mooshimeter are close together), when turning the phone at 180°, RSSI will jump to -40 dBm and less.

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