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      hi, have/would you considered making the firmware open source so that further development can be done and missing features added? see ts-100
      thx for the great meter.

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      As you probably know, app is already open. Many things could be improved without touching the firmware at all..

      Something like this for example:

      As an electrician, I’m a big fan of current clamps and it would be really nice to see actual current and power and not to get confused while calculating everything in my head.*

      Next step for me would be “multi-step-math”. For example to calculate short circuit currents. I would measure current and voltage with small load, save the values and measure again with bigger load and get impedance and short circuit current as a result. In this case, it would be nice to go back and forth few times and keep the stable values, so other fluctuations on the line voltage would not affect my results.

      I’m sure there would be many more requests coming your way, if you show some interest in the app and implement some feature request from this forum or from that github issue list.

      * – I have at least four different values for my current clamps, some with current and some with voltage outputs, ranging from 5:1 to 1000:1. It would be nice to just select a preset with the name of my clamp and get correct values on the screen.

      Then we should start to log what preset is in use on the phone and maybe add at least the used formula on the log files while transferring them over bluetooth.. And while waiting for more data, just add more columns and calculate correct values, so that we don’t have to do it by hand on excel/librecalc etc.. And then graph it on the phone.. And send a report to your customer. Or make it so easy, I could just send new mooshimeter to my customer and they could check that their Tesla would get enough charge over night with their current electric service ;) (not really, our law says that common people die instantly when opening any electrical cabinet)

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      If these features could be implemented it would make the usability of the meter exponentially better. I really hope someone works out a way to implement these updates since official support appears to have slowed considerably

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