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      It looks like the iPhone beta app might be having trouble parsing the data that comes back from the meter when the main voltage input is set to AC. When I hook my meter up to a 120v outlet and set the input to AC mode it goes from showing a normal, expected ~0.0v value (which bounces around a little due to noise) to showing OUT OF RANGE. This seems to show up for all sample rates/buffer sizes, with one exception; at 125hz I see values around 30-35v. Any sample rate higher than that just returns OUT OF RANGE.
      What’s interesting is that if I set the meter up to log while I’m doing this, when the app is showing OOR the logfile shows ~120v values, so it looks like the meter itself is measuring correctly and that the problem is actually on the app side of things.
      Loving the new version, btw!

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